Juste Nature Eczema relief balm review
"I was given your Chamomile and Lavender All-In-One Moisturising Balm to try on my son's lips as we had tried all the shop bought stuff and they were making his lips worse.
And this is the results after 3 days using the balm!"
Sarah xxx


juste nature customer review


   Juste Nature Lip Balms

"I love this lip balm! The Scent is very subtle and I use it not only on my lips but on other parts of my body too. I have sensitive skin and this balm cares for my skin with love. I use this balm for my nails and fingers too as housework dries them out. My nails look so much nicer now!"

Tomo xxx

Juste Nature Lemongrass and Peppermint Deodorant Balm

"I’ve tried the Peppermint and Lemongrass Deodorant Balm.

Love the smell, and feel really fresh. I was sceptical at first that perhaps my current level of activity may not be a true test of effectiveness. However after a day without using it, I can say for sure that this deodorant is awesome, feel fresh all day when it’s on."

Asra xxx


"Along with its refreshing and lovely scent, since using the Peppermint and Lemongrass Deodorant Balm, I’ve noticed not having sweaty underarms and feeling fresh throughout the day.

I totally recommend it.

Also the Lip balm is amazing, smooth and has a non sticky feeling which I can use on my 4 year old son with confidence, knowing no dangerous chemicals are added. The mango and coconut fragrance is so natural and therapeutic."

Nez xxx


Juste Nature Balms

 " First, I love them all! I've been using your deodorants for 3 weeks now. My skin took 2-3 days to accept the change with my previous deodorants, which was not natural at all. After this little time, I can say that your creations are amazing!

My skin underarm is way better than before.

Your deodorants perfumes are subtle and gentle to the skin.

And it doesn't smell bad after a full hectic day, cardio included! My husband was pretty sceptical as I tried many natural deodorants before finding yours, and we are both very satisfied!

He also started using it!

We both love the lemongrass freshness.

I also bought the 'All In One Moisturising Balm'- Sweet Orange and Vanilla. It's lightly perfumed and very kind to the skin. I use it mainly on my arms and feet as it's very moisturising and these parts of my body really needs something rich and soothing. I can also use it all over my body when needed! The Mango and Coconut Lip Balm is an invitation to our Paradise Island.

I can use it once and it's perfect for the whole day! I really enjoy your products and I'm looking forward to trying the new ones."

Angelina xxx


Juste Nature Balancing Facial Oil Review


 "In my experience, Juste Nature deodorant feels beautiful on the skin, it just soaks in, doesn't feel greasy and smells lovely.
Works just as good and for as long as my previous deodorants, but it's much better for the skin.
I would never go back."

Tina xxx


Juste Nature Balancing Facial Oil Review



"This product is truly brilliant and beautifully packaged. 
I love the creamy texture of its Moisturiser.

The Deodorant Balm is so gentle on your skin that I am happy for my 8 yr old daughter to use it as well. It's a good way to introduce young skin to such requirements but also good for us adults.

They have gorgeous scents and my personal favourite Deodorant is Ylang Ylang and Lavender. Juste Nature also does Lip Balms that make your lips so soft and smooth.

Gorgeous products made naturally with Love."

Darsh xxx 


juste nature balm review
"I've got the 'All In One Sweet Orange and Vanilla' Moisturising Balm and Lip Balm. They have a lovely scent and leave your skin super soft. I like that all the ingredients are natural. They are great products!"

Toni xxx


"I never thought that I would say it one day...But I finally found the perfect deodorant in 'Juste Nature': A deodorant which not only neutralises body odour and moisture, but which is also protective of our skin while being eco-friendly.
Moreover, the deodorant does not leave any stains on clothes and dries very fast after each application.
I have a soft spot for Lemongrass and Peppermint.I highly recommend that you try this Brand out!"

Sheila from Paris xxx


 "I purchased the Peppermint and Lemongrass Deodorant and love it! It works with a pleasant hint of fragrance. I prefer using natural ingredients and this ticks all the boxes. Happily recommend!"

Judy xxx


"Long lasting and lovely fresh scent-surprised how well it worked and didn't sting when applying after a shave- best no nasties brand I've tried-highly recommend!"

Louise xxx

Juste Nature Honey & Vanilla lip balm .... Grateful for this little miracle I shall say..never been a big fan of lip balm but I have using it every night & day as a multi ways “petit remedy” ...

1. Gentle smell and consistency makes lips feel soft (big hit with my 6 years old daughter),

2. It brings shine to my dull nails

3. It’s so light that I have been using it to tame my eyebrows.. Love it !!!

4. I find it makes tips of hair shine especially with dry ends like mine..

It’s an all around balm for me. JJAMAZINGGGG"

Koosoom xxx