Side Effects of daily use of Hand Gels.

Side Effects of daily use of Hand Gels.

Have you noticed how dry your hands are since using Hand Gels?

With the constant use of hand gels and hand washing, we are slowly stripping our epidermis (first visible layer of our skin) from it's natural oils.

The damaging effects of dry hands during Covid are very noticeable, especially on the hands of Health Care workers, Key Workers and children, who don't moisturise often.

It is even worse if you already struggle from eczema or dry/sensitive skin.


The alcohol in the hand gels, as well as the surfactants in the foaming Hand Wash/ Soaps will eventually cause more and more dryness unless we keep moisturising our skin often.

The photo below shows the effects of using hand gels daily at school without moisturising often, to protect our skin.




It is very important for us to take action now, especially for anyone suffering from redness, dry/sensitive skin and eczema.


The All-In-One Moisturising Balm

has been a relief to my customers, big and small.
After just 1 day of using the moisturising balm, the results are very visible.


Don't wait until it's too late, protect your skin today with our especially formulated for dry skin moisturising balms.


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