Juste Nature 5 Plus press article

Juste Nature Press Feature in Mauritius

I am so honoured to share my story with my Mauritian audience with 5 Plus:
Juste Nature 5 Plus press article


It’s funny how we forget as mothers, women, business owners…to look back at our achievements no matter how big or small, until one day someone says: tell me more! At 40 I decided to start my own business, change my career from Fashion Designer to Natural Skincare Formulator.

With no business knowledge, no business plan nor big financial investment. Just lots of love and family support. Yes it will take me longer to grow compared to other businesses.

But I choose to do it my way, on my terms for my family.

The truth is I went all in with no expectations. Just Baby steps from a place of love  always. After struggling with my son’s eczema for over 8 years and being given steroids as the only solution, I took matters into my own hands. Juste Nature has evolved from skincare for eczema prone skin to helping women like me on their peri menopausal journey. It is an ever evolving business journey.

I’m sure as mothers many of you can relate to being told we are making things up or there’s nothing wrong with your child and being prescribed medication just to get rid of us.

Know that as a mother you have the best intuition, the connection with your child is what makes you in tune with their illnesses.

Our children are here to teach us more about ourselves- compassion, strength, resilience… My son’s health issues has taught me to believe in myself more as a mother and business owner.

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