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I am so happy to be working in collaboration with another lovely small business to reach out to more families on their journey to parenthood.
Here's some information about MoreForSureStewarts, owned by super mom of 6, Kirsty.



MoreForSureStewarts is a small UK based business that supports expecting parents through the challenges of getting ready for that long awaited hospital trip to have a baby. 


Creating pre packed hospital bag bundles, care packages and recently becoming a stockist of The Natural Birthing company, they have everything covered to help ease you into parenthood.

Since being set up, MoreForSureStewarts has become a popular option for not only expecting parents, but also family and friends to provide practical gift options.



Kirsty, owner of MoreForSureStewarts


MoreForSureStewarts was founded by Kirsty, when she was expecting her last baby in the pandemic. Finding it difficult to navigate through the different stores to get all the essentials for her hospital bag, birthed the idea of creating this online shop.

Making it easier for expecting parents to find all the essentials in one place. Whilst also providing practical bag size options, so you don’t feel like you are packing more than you need.

Kirsty is a mother to 6 children. Yes 6! 
Having had her first baby back in 2009 and most recent addition in 2020, she has packed many hospital bags over the years for herself. Having a very knowledgeable understanding of what parents need, she also only uses products that have been highly recommended amongst parents. 


This is a company that has been created by well seasoned parents for parents.

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