How to recycle Juste Nature Facial Oil Bottles

Reusing and reducing the amount of plastic packaging we send to landfills is crucial to Juste Nature Brand Values.

While I do my best to source reusable and recyclable containers, the Facial Oil Bottles as a whole isn't fully recyclable at this moment.

If you cannot wash or reuse your Facial Oil Bottle, the Best way to recycle them is:

1. Unscrew the topper and remove from the bottle, gently remove the glass pipette section

2. Remove the label, can be recycled in your plastic bin

3. Wash the bottle and pipette and recycle into your usual recycling bin

Unfortunately the rubber and the black plastic options cannot be recycled in your normal recycling bin, unless your local council accepts them.

If you would like to order a refill, why not choose the more sustainable option so you can reuse your 30ml Bottle again?

Refills will be sent in a 90ml aluminium bottle, please email me for more details: 

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