Going Green For The Planet

Going Green For The Planet

​​The Cop26 summit is happening this week, and I wanted to share how my small business is contributing in reducing plastic waste as much as possible.

One of my brand values is to be as green as I can be to help reduce plastic waste on our beautiful planet. I do my best to source recyclable and reusable packaging as much as I possibly can.

And that's why for all of my Balms, I use aluminium containers which are fully recyclable and one of the most recyclable materials that we currently have.
Simply wash, remove the label (recycle with plastic) and pop it into your recycle bin.
Or you can even re-use the tins!

I am still working on getting a greener label to use for my oil based product which is proving to be a challenge still! But I'm not giving up!

I try to use as little outer packaging as I can, and most of which will be recyclable cardboard boxes/ acid free tissue paper or recyclable cards.

I am always learning to improve my packaging and sourcing to make sure I can help reduce plastic waste and give back to the planet.

Here's other ways I contribute in reducing the use of plastic in my small business:



ECOLOGI: 'We plant trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions'.

I recently joined Ecologi to help take on the climate crisis.
Here's how you can help too- with every sale, a tree is planted on my website!
So far, to date, you have helped me plant 52 trees!


And- all my natural skincare products are handmade in small batches, which means there is no wastage in ingredients and final product!

Check out my Eco Friendly Gift Boxes now available on Pre-Order.

juste nature Gift Set

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