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Silver Award Winner of the Free From Skincare Awards 2021

I am so excited to share that our Unscented All-In-One Moisturising Balm is a Silver Award Winner in the 'Free From Skincare Awards 2021'!

Juste Nature award winning Unscented all in one moisturising balm

From Small to very big Skincare Brands, the Free From Skincare Awards 2021 tests different products in different Skincare Categories.
A thorough panel of judges are selected, from Skincare Bloggers, to Journalists to Skincare Formulators and more, see link below:
Judges for the Free From Skincare Awards
List of Winners in the Free From Skincare Awards

About the awards :

"The Free From Skin Care Awards celebrate and encourage skincare manufacturers who create cosmetics that exclude some of the allergens, fragrances and other ingredients sometimes associated with skin and health issues, ethical and environmental concerns, and which some consumers may need to or want to avoid, especially if looking for more ‘allergy friendly’ or natural cosmetics, and struggling to find suitable products."


The Winner of the Free From Skincare Awards were announced on the 7th of July 2021, live on twitter:

 Juste Nature AWARD REVIEW

Review from one. of the Testers of the Free From Skincare Awards:

“Oh my goodness this is the miracle cream I’ve been looking for for years — the holy grail of family friendly cream! My boy’s poor hands have been red raw and like sandpaper until using this. One use made a visible difference! It works especially well when his hands are still wet after washing …  performance was maintained over the weeks. The redness completely went away. Made an incredible difference to my boy’s skin, both to look at and to touch. The product is amazing! You need such a tiny amount too. I was concerned the pot wouldn’t last very long but the size is deceiving. I want to shout from the rooftops how amazing this balm is!”


Why I started Formulating?

I started formulating a few years ago as I struggled to find a natural alternative to my son's daily medicated moisturiser.
I wanted to find a product that was effective, natural, organic and didn't have a huge environmental impact as well.
My formulations are especially for dry/ sensitive and eczema prone skin and I am so happy to be helping my family and customers with their dry skin issues, in a natural way.
We are already surrounded by so many toxins, whether it is environmental, from food or our skincare. So it is very important for me to formulate without any preservatives to keep my products as natural and toxin free as possible.
 As a mom and small business owner, I take great pride in formulating and creating my natural and organic products. From designing to packaging, it is my mission to bring you a beautiful, eco friendly and effective product that will help your dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin.
Customer Review
Here's a photo of how the Juste Nature Moisturising Balms have helped my little customer who's hands got very red after the use of hand gels daily at school.
Juste Nature Review


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