CELEBRATE EARTH DAY 2022 with Juste Nature

CELEBRATE EARTH DAY 2022 with Juste Nature


As a small business who uses sustainably sourced ingredients, protecting our Earth is one of my core values.
I do as much as I can to source packaging that can be easily recycled but I know that I can do better as my small business evolves.


As part of the Ecologi community, with every sale on my website  a Tree is Planted!


And as of today, Earth Day 2022, Juste Nature as a business has planted
84 trees and offset 0.5 Tonnes of it's carbon footprint!

Together, we can give back to Mother Earth.


Every small change we make in our daily lives has an impact on our planet.



By using waterless skincare products that have more than 1 uses, you are  also reducing the amount of packaging that goes in the landfill and using less products for longer.

I formulate products that can be used either on different areas of the body like the All In One Moisturising Balms or products that doesn't always require another moisturiser layered on top like the Award Winning Balancing Facial Oil.

It's also important to understand that your skin does not need layers and layers of skincare daily. Sometimes, 1 or 2 products are enough to nourish your skin.

Less is more, is my Mantra for skincare and for our environment.



Did you know that you can wash and reuse the aluminium tins and bottles by using them to store small items or body wash for e.g or giving them to your children to reuse in their play area?

I would love to know how you have reused your Juste Nature packaging.

Why not drop me an email with a photo to let me know: stina@justenature.co.uk




Here are 5 ways that you can Help Our Planet:

  1. Turn off lights when you leave a room
  2. Plant 100 trees when you Join the Ecologi movement HERE: PLANT 100 TREE
  3. Invest in waterless skincare that will last longer
  4. Shorten your shower 
  5. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.



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